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Why We Are Finally Raising Our Prices in 2022

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windshield repair prices - high quality and high value

I want to explain why our prices are increasing in 2022 and how you can still get our windshield repair service at our 2016 prices! 

Windshield Repair Prices Increasing To Catch Up With Inflation

That’s right, we last raised our prices in January of 2016; quite a long time for a business to keep prices steady considering inflation. Since then, prices in the US have increased by 12.9%. That means our 2016 $55 windshield chip repair needs to be priced at $62 in 2022 just to keep up with inflation. The increase doesn’t include any extra profit for Bob to send to his Swiss bank account or retire to that private Villa in Florida he has his eye on. All the increase means is that Bob will still be able to pay his bills… and his employees.

The recent surge in gas prices is something everyone has noticed, and it is unlikely to go away. Since we are a mobile service and drive to our clients, we use lots of gas. We’ve dramatically reduced gas price impact with our sporty and economical Toyota Yaris, but still the miles add up and the gas gauge keeps on spinning. You have also likely noticed the rapid and steady increase in traffic here on Colorado Springs roads and that means we spend more time in traffic and use more gas to get to our repair appointments than ever before.  

Investing In Our Business and Our Clients

We also invest in the best tools and windshield repair resins available. Those, of course, tend to be the most expensive. But they are worth every penny because they enable us to provide the highest quality repairs that our clients expect from us. We could do it less expensively, but it would be false economy as our repair quality would surely suffer. And your satisfaction with our services would surely suffer as well.

Finally, many of our clients have told us that our prices are too low for the timesaving, high-quality service we provide. We’ve heard that consistently for at least the past 3 years yet chose not to act on the sage advice. Note to self: When your clients are telling you that your prices are too low, there is no question that you’re undercharging for your services. 

When will our windshield repair prices increase?

The price will increase to $62 for windshield chip repairs on February 15, 2022. This means that if you have a windshield chip or crack that you’ve been ignoring NOW is the time to schedule an appointment to get our 2016 prices while they are still available. Any appointment made prior to 15 February will be at our 2016 prices, even if the appointment does not take place until after 15 February. So if you’ve been procrastinating, book your appointment now to beat our price increase. 

Why are we justifying our price increase? 

It would have been far easier for us to silently update our prices without writing an article about it, so why did we feel it’s necessary to do this?

The honest answer is transparency. It’s not easy for business owners to increase their prices and it’s not fun for clients to pay more than they have previously. We wanted to explain exactly why we must change things. 

We’re not raising our prices ‘just because’ or even to make the business more profitable, we’re raising them for valid economic reasons. And all those reasons benefit you, the client because if we can’t operate a reasonably profitable business, you will have fewer choices for your windshield repair needs.  

Our hope is that you continue to work with Bob’s Windshield Repair and our transparency reinforces our long-lasting relationship with our awesome clients.