Bob's Windshield Repair » Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Chip Repair and Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Chip Repair and Insurance

Bob's Windshield Repair » Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Chip Repair and Insurance

All About "Free Windshield Repair" in Colorado Springs

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You’ve no doubt seen other windshield chip repair and insurance people advertising “free windshield repair” on street corners in Colorado Springs. They know that insurance will pay for windshield chip repair. Insurance companies use your under your comprehensive coverage. These companies allow, and many even encourage, such repairs in lieu of replacing the entire windshield. To many people, that certainly sounds like “free windshield repair.” It is, however, more of a “cheap windshield chip that insurance covers” than a truly free fix.

However, every claim that you make on your insurance is recorded. Even car insurance claims for a cracked windshield are recorded and tracked for five years by the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE), which generates a “risk score” for every customer. Read more about CLUE at Esurance.

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"Free Windshield Repair" Isn't Necessarily Free

Insurance companies use these "risk scores" to set premiums and to determine whether they will issue or renew auto insurance policies. Here's the catch: By taking advantage of "free windshield repair," you could be setting yourself up for a premium increase!

Car insurance cracked windshield claims are considered "no-fault" claims. This means they won't increase your rates directly. Since ALL claims are tracked, even "free windshield repair" claims, they can indirectly impact your rates.

If you still want to take advantage of this, we will be happy charge your windshield chip repair to your insurance company directly. We can also provide you with an invoice that you can present to your insurance agent who, in most cases, can arrange to reimburse you for the repair fee. Learn more about our mobile auto glass repair services here.

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At Bob’s Chips, we’ve worked with every auto insurance carrier out there. When we come to you for your appointment, all you have to do is let us know who your insurer is and we will call them and let them know we are doing the work for you. Just have your policy number ready. It couldn’t be easier! We can often even provide same day windshield repair!

Have questions about your specific insurance? Take a look at the insurance resources below:

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