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New Repair Appointment Process

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We have enjoyed meeting and chatting with our clients for the past 13 years.  However, until the Coronavirus situation is alleviated, we have implemented the following repair appointment process during our windshield repair deliveries designed for everyone’s protection.

Before your appointment: Please place a piece of clear tape or one of our “chip savers” over each chip on your windshield. This will keep dirt and moisture out of the damaged area and let us know what damage you would like repaired.

  • Unlock your vehicle so the technician can access the inside of your vehicle.

 During your appointment:  We will call upon arrival, inspect the windshield damage and verify with you whether the damage is repairable.

  • Please be available by telephone at the beginning and end of the windshield crack repair process.  If you are filing a claim with your insurance company, the technician will initiate a 3-way call with you and the insurance company representative to file the claim.
  • The technician will complete the windshield crack repair(s). He will then wash the windshield with our special “distilled vinegar and isopropyl alcohol” cleaner. 

When repair is completed:  The technician will call you from his vehicle to let you know the repair is completed and that you can come take a look at the windshield crack repair(s).  He will remain on the line and answer any questions you may have during the windshield repair delivery, again while maintaining an appropriate social distance of six feet or more.

  • If the repair is an insurance claim, the technician will ask you to sign your copy of the receipt and then text a picture of the signed receipt to his cell phone.  
  • If you are paying by credit card, the technician will process payment with you over the phone. No signature is needed.
  • If paying by cash or check, the technician will collect the payment in the manner agreed upon at the beginning of the repair appointment.