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I Got A Chip In My Windshield Driving To Work Today…

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windshield chip repair bridge

Yes, rock chips even happen to the windshield repair guy; especially here in Colorado Springs.  I figured this would make an excellent article for the new Windshield Repair Blog and provide a way to show you how we repair windshield damage step-by-step.

So here is the culprit:

Windshield Chip Repair Colorado Springs
The chip
Windshield Chip Repair Drills
Drilling the damaged area

The first step to repair the damaged area is to drill the chip area to remove loose bits of glass and make a clear channel to later inject resin into the damaged area.

Cracked Windshield Repair Colorado Springs
Clearing glass from the damaged area with compressed gas

Next we use compressed gas to remove glass from the chip. Note that we do not use compressed air, as it can contain moisture that would ruin our windshield repair. We then clean the damaged area with a special compound that enhances the bonding properties of the resin and removes water repellent chemicals that are sometimes used in car washes, windshield wiper fluids and other applications.

Car Windshield Chip Repair Colorado Springs
Cleaning the windshield chip to ensure the resin bonds properly to the glass
Windshield Crack Repair Resin
We use the windshield repair tool to inject a special resin into the repair

After a thorough cleaning, we inject a special resin into the damaged area using a series of vacuum and pressure cycles with the windshield chip repair tool.

Colorado Springs Best Windshield Repair
Windshield repair in progress


Curing Tabs Windshield Repair
A thick resin is used to fill the pit and a curing tab is applied
Windshield Repair with UV Curing Lamps
An ultraviolet light is used to permanently cure the resin
Colorado Springs Cracked Auto Glass Repair
Excess resin is carefully removed with a razor blade


Colorado Windshield Repair Polishing
Applying polish to the chip repair to optimize the finish
Windshield Repair & Replacement Colorado Springs
Next, we buff the damaged area to complete the windshield repair


Chipped Winshield Repair Colorado
The completed windshield chip repair
Best Windshield Chip Repair Colorado
The chip before being repaired (left) and the chip after repair (right)