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7 Facts You Ought to Know About Windshield Care to Avoid a Costly ($300+) Replacement

windshield chip savers
1. Cover the damaged area with one of our famous “chip savers” to keep the damaged area clean and dry until you can have it repaired. (Get Yours TOTALLY FREE by completing the form below – No Postage/Handling Charge!). This will not keep the damage from spreading, BUT it will keep dirt and road grime out of the damaged area allowing for a better repair to be made.

2. Heat is your enemy if you have a chipped or cracked windshield. Park your car in the shade whenever possible. When shade is unavailable, make an effort to park your car so the windshield is not directly facing into the sun.

3. Do not use a sunshade on your parked vehicle, especially one of the “reflective” shades as these reflect the heat back directly on the windshield raising the temperature even more.

4. Slightly open one or both side windows. It doesn’t have to be a lot, ½ inch will allow some of the heat build-up to escape and equalize the air pressure without allowing much water into the vehicle in case of an unexpected shower.

5. Avoid slamming the car doors when getting in/out of you vehicle.

6. Avoid speed bumps and potholes as much as possible… good luck…

7. Do not wash your car on a hot day if you have any kind of windshield damage. Cool water on a hot windshield is a recipe for disaster. The quick temperature change is VERY likely to cause your windshield to “crack out” to such an extent that it is un-repairable.

FREE Windshield Chip Savers

Thanks for stopping by! We have these “Chip Savers” made up for our clients and friends to keep moisture, dirt and road grime out of the damaged area caused by windshield chips. These are simply clear stickers with an easily removable adhesive that you place over the damaged area to keep moisture, dirt, tar particles, and similar road grime elements out of the affected area until it can be properly repaired.

We’ve decided that these things are so darned useful that everyone that cares about their windshield should have some! To get yours, simply complete the form and we will send you your complimentary Chip Savers. No charge, no obligation, no BS.

If you do get a chip in your windshield, all we ask is that you cover the damaged area as soon as practical to keep foreign elements from contaminating the chipped area. Then, get the damaged area repaired as soon as possible to prevent a small chip from turning into a big ol’ nasty crack that forces you to spend several hundred dollars on a windshield replacement that could have been prevented for a mere fraction of the cost. We’d also appreciate it if you consider giving Bob’s Windshield Repair a call to come to you and fix the chip, but that part is entirely optional!

Safe travels!


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